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Whether you need to be relaxing or working, we have the products you need to add fun & simplicity to your pool-life style. After all, that's why you built your pool!

Your family's safety, fun & comfort are first in our minds when you call on us.  We're here for expert Swimming Pool Water Care. Answers to your questions on chlorine, bromine, Soft Swim (the proven alternative to Baquacil*), BioGuard Mineral Springs, salt chlorine generation & other pool care issues.

AquaFinesse is part of the growing eco-friendly groups of pool & spa Care products. Finally, a way to attack the source of pool & spa water problems!

Whether you live around the corner or across the country, Par Pool & Spa has Automatic pool cleaners - Click here for more information the knowledge, expertise &  products ready to assist you. Top quality brands like BioGuard, StaRite, Hayward, Waterpik, & SmartPool are combined to provide your pool with the best products needed for your family. From toys & games to parts to chemicals to maintenance accessories to solar heating, we've got you covered.

Thank you for giving our family & staff the opportunity to serve you since 1956.

Great Pool Care Help & Information in our knowledge base:
BioGuard Pool Care Systems, guarding more than your poolBioGuard Chlorine, Bromine, Silk Tabs & Silk Sticks

BioGuard Soft Swim non chlorine pool care
BioGuard Mineral Springs, Beginnings, Renewal, salt chlorine, saline chlorination, electrolysis
Mineral Springs

natural mineral purifiers
Pristine Blue Algicide / Bacteria Suppressant
PristineBlue® non-chlorine, non-bromine pool care

Aqua Finesse spa & hot tub water care
eco-friendly pool care

Pool Filters, pumps, heaters

Hayward, Sta-Rite, Pentair

Toys, Games & Floats

Automatic pool cleaners - Click here for more information Automatic Pool Cleaners, Inground & aboveground

Inground solid winter pool covers with water tubesWinter Covers, Arctic Blue Winterizing Chemicals, Water Tubes, Air Pillows & More

More Swimming Pools,
Parts & Accessories


Our family lives on our pool deck & yard patio from April to October. Your family is probably not very different. There's something very special about the outdoors & backyard living for children and adults. Dinner with friends or just family is always special outdoors. 

Assemble an outdoor kitchen for your family. Make it the centerpiece for activities.

No matter what your need, Offset Umbrellas from Southern Patio, Grilling Tools from Charcoal Companion, Home & Garden Decor products from Whitehall, and now an extensive array of Solar Powered Yard, Garden & Patio lighting

Patio Furniture & Grill Covers
from Hearth & Garden protect your backyard investment against wind, weather & abuse.

Fun, new & unique quality products all designed with you in mind.

If you're in need of a new recipe, check out some of ours.  Or if you would like to share one of your favorites, please submit it


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We understand that your spa or hot tub was meant to be a center for fun, rubber ducks & spa toys & gamesfriendship, family & even rebirth from the daily grind.  Not an extra item of home upkeep.

Par Pool & Spa offers you a full line of hot water care products from SpaGuard.

Go non-chlorine with Soft Soak (the proven alternative to Baqua Spa*) & enjoy!

Looking for Spa & Hot Tub Care help? is your best source for useful, up to date & easy to understand information.

AquaFinesse, green spa care chemicals

GO GREEN!  Natural products that make Spa & Pool Care easier.  Pristine Blue plus the proven AquaFinesse systems are making spa & pool owners and the environment happier with great results.

Aromatherapy fragrances for spa, hot SpaGuard Moments Spa & Bath Fragrances - aromatherapy, Rejuvenate, Immerse, Retreat, Revive, Passion, Tranquility. Click here for more details about Moments!tub & bath is your way to rejuvenate yourself as well as add a little extra SpaZazz to your life.

Now transform your spa or hot tub into a true center of fun & relaxation. Par Pool & Spa is ready with a great list of high quality redwood or resin
furnishings to complete & compliment your hot water setting.  Let us even design
a custom built Spa Surround for you. 

Find the best in spa accessories from Leisure Concepts, Cover Valet, Byron's Originals, A & B Accessories & Essentials.

Great Spa & Hot Tub Care Help & Information in our knowledge base:

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