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6 Keys to Good & Easy Spa & Hot tub Care
(it's not just chemicals)

Ronald Parrs, Basic Author

Key 1 - Circulation
Good circulation in your pool means much more than filtering water - it's getting all of the water in the spa or hot tub moving & through the filter.  Circulation is more than filter or pump turnover; its removing dead spots - you know those areas where there's always some slime growing or where dirt & debris seems to constantly accumulate.

The better the water is circulating, the better the filtration, the cleaner the spa.  In fact it typically takes more than FOUR turnovers to get all of the water completely filtered. 

6 keys to spa care - circulation

Most of us see a typical hot tub & think, "wow, look at all of that circulation."  And, yes, there is. Between high & low speed jets, multiple pumps, air blowers, water falls, etc, there should be virtually 100% circulation.  But there isn't.  As in a swimming pool, we're looking for turnover for filtration & treatment's sake.

Click here to learn how a spa works.

In any spa or hot tub, when the high speed jets are on, very little water is being filtered! That's right, most of the "circulated" water is actually bypassing the filter (filters need slow or slower moving to properly filter) & is shoved around the various jets.

Areas of poor circulation include

  • seat bottoms,

  • spa floor (especially at the "corner" of the floor & wall),

  • filter wells (where the cartridge filter generally is located),

  • the areas directly around or adjacent to the jets,

  • around drain fittings,

  • around light lenses,

  • under pillows, etc.

As you use your spa and move your body around your spa, you aid in the circulation, thus eliminating these dead spots. This is also why regular wiping and cleaning is so important.  Get inside of that filter well just before draining & clean the whole area with a toilet brush.

Dead spots are always in combinations. Here are the best cures to poor hot tub water circulation & dead spots.  And most of the ideas won't even cost you a penny!

  • Use the spa.  Move around - don't sit in one place all of the time. Regular use of your spa is the single best thing you can do to give it better circulation. Even as you enter & exit the spa you change the circulation pattern!

  • Wipe. It's like brushing & flossing your teeth. You know you have to do it. Wiping the spa walls at least once a week (preferably twice) prevents biofilms from setting roots and becoming a real headache in very little time.

  • Run the filter a minimum of 8 hours daily.  Every day.  To save money & electricity, use a timer to turn the pump on & off and use multiple settings to spread out the time to catch some of those "off-peak" electrical hours.  Most spas are "pre-programmed" to operate at least that many hours.

The 6 Keys typically take about 30 minutes or less to accomplish each week.  Yes, that's it!  Just 30 minutes.  Now you can enjoy your pool more & actually work less.  In the long run, you'll also spend less time & money.

Remember, Par Pool & Spa is always able & ready to help if you need us.  Just stop by or give us a call. Always helpful, always friendly.

Some information contained in this article is courtesy of the BioGuard Chem PLUS 2003, 2004, Chem College 2007 & H2-Know 2011 Reference Guide. 


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Ronald Parrs, Basic Author Links to all of the 6 Keys:
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  2. Filtration
  3. Cleaning & Maintenance
  4. Testing
  5. Water Chemistry
  6. Drain & Refill
If you still need help, here's how to reach us:

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