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Treating & Preventing White Water Mold & Pink Slime with Natural Enzymes

Treating & preventing white water mold and pink slime can be a real pain.  Here's procedure that we've been working with over the past several months that we are VERY happy with. 

The results appear to be quicker and longer lasting than previous procedures.

No matter what kind of pool sanitizing system you use (chlorine, bromine, Soft Swim®, Baquacil® or ionizers such as Nature2® or Pool Frog®), this procedure will work for you.  Follow every step to the letter.

  1. Add Naturally Pure Enzyme Cleaner & Phosphate Remover or NaturCare® Enzymatic Pool Clarifier & Phosphate Remover Concentrate directly to your swimming pool's wall skimmer (in this application do not add directly to the pool) at a rate of 20 oz. per 10,000 gallons of pool water.  White water mold and pink slime first grow in the pool's plumbing lines and filter system, so those areas need to be treated or attacked first.  For best results, make sure the water temperature is 75 F or warmer and the chlorine level is under 5.0 ppm FAC (free available chlorine) or under 8.0 ppm bromine (higher chlorine levels - up to 11 ppm - may be tolerated with the NaturCare product).  Biguanide level is not a factor.  High chlorine or bromine can breakdown the enzymes. 

    the pool water may turn cloudy with the floating "attacked" material on the water's surface.  This is a result of the slime & mold being removed from the the plumbing pipes and filter system.  This is a good thing!

  2. Circulate the pool water continuously.  Filter systems utilizing 2 speed pumps should operate the pump on HIGH speed in order to circulate the most water through the system.  After 24 hours of circulation, add your normal doses of sanitizer, shock & algaecide.  For the next couple of days, the chlorine level should not be any higher than 5.0 ppm.

  3. Brush, brush, brush!  Brush the entire pool every day especially concentrating on areas of normally poor circulation such as around skimmers, behind ladders, corners, liner creases, any areas where "dead spots" may occur.  Using a good brush such as a Wall Whale makes the brushing job easier. Backwash only when the filter becomes clogged.  Backwashing may be frequent in the first 1 - 2 days as the filter will be collecting loosened particulate.

  4. Run the pool continuously until the pool water clears.

  5. In severe situations, strongly recommends following up & maintaining a continuous treatment of AquaFinesse Pool Water Care Tablets, NaturCare Enzymes & BioGuard Optimizer Plus as part of a foundational system of good overall pool water care.

See our video "The 5 Pillars & 3 Foundations of Pool Water Care" coming mid-April 2015.

For best results keep the chlorine or sanitizer level high (above 3.0 ppm chlorine) for the next 1 - 2 weeks.

Future or subsequent Prevention:  Add NaturCare® Enzymatic Pool Clarifier & Phosphate Remover  every week following the label instructions.  Every month or 4th week, add a double dose directly into the skimmer to treat the plumbing lines and filter system directly.  Failing to follow this maintenance procedure may allow the white water mold & pink slime to re-establish itself in the pool.  Remember that these 2 pool problems begin in the plumbing lines & filter system.  By the time you see either of them in the pool itself, the problem has returned with a vengeance. 

Using borate products such as BioGuard® Optimizer Plus® further aids in the prevention of white water mold & pink slime by further supporting the sanitizing system.

A third tried & proven additive is AquaFinesse Pool Water Care Tablets that prevent the accumulation of biofilms on all of the pool's surfaces (seen or unseen) that lead to Water Mold & Pink Slime.


If you still need help, here's how to reach us:

Telephone (during store hours): Stratford  203-377-0100
FAX: (24 hrs) 203-375-7787


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