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General Filtration Questions

Q. Which filter is best for me & my pool?
It depends... the kind or type of filter you need or want depends on what you're looking for in ease of maintenance or water clarity. This chart should help you...

Q. How many hours should I run my filter?
A. We recommend a minimum of 8 to 12 HOURS of filtration time per day, everyday that the pool is open & the water temperature is in excess of 70 degrees F. To make life a little easier, put a timer on the filter so you don't forget. You MUST run the filter DAILY!

What do you think about "solar powered" filters?

Q. Should I run my filter at night or during the day?
A. We recommend that you run the filter during the DAY. That's when the sun is on the pool & swimmers are using it.

Q. Someone told me I should run my filter 24 hours a day. Is that necessary?
A. Although it's not necessary, running the filter constantly from open to close puts less stress on the motor. Pool owners who do run it 24/7 do report having significantly less water problems (cloudy, hazy, green).

Q. How often should I backwash my filter?
A. Generally speaking, a filter should be backwashed only when needed. Backwash it only when the pressure reads about 10 points higher than initial start-up. Frequent backwashing doesn't allow the filter to trap finer particulate as the filter media becomes dirty. Usually there is no need to backwash a filter after vacuuming.

Q. Is it really necessary to Chemically clean my filter?
A. Unequivocally, YES!! Over time, unfilterables such as suntan lotion, hair conditioner, body oils, tree sap and more, foul the filter & prevent optimal filter efficiency. Water problems such as algae & cloudiness begin to spoil your summer. Think of backwashing as simply rinsing your clothes. How often could you do that before the clothing became "un-wearable"? Chemically cleaning the filter is like properly laundering your clothing. See Mid-season Pool Care under the Pool Tips for further information.

Q. Why can't I just use ACID to Chemically clean my filter?
A.  Never Use ACID to clean your filter.  Why?  Acids set greases & oils into the filter medium, especially Cartridges.  Permanently.  This causes the cartridge to lose most of its life.  If you really want to acid clean it, then use Strip Kwik® Filter Degreaser first, then use acid or better yet, something safer like Kleen It® Filter Cleaner which does contain a blend of acids.

Q. Should I worry about the small leak of water out of the backwash line?
A. Yes. A small leak does add up to a lot of lost water. As more water is added to the pool, the water chemistry changes & in time the sanitizing abilities will be affected. Plus, it's a matter of wasting a precious resource. Click here for Drought info

Q. My filter keeps getting clogged up. Why?
A. If your filter keeps clogging, it's doing its job! That's why regular (every 4 to 6 weeks) CHEMICAL cleaning of the filter is recommended. Filter clogging if the water is cloudy or green is normal, especially if it's a cartridge or DE filter that naturally filters a finer, smaller particle.

Q. My filter pumps runs really hot. Why?
A.  Pump motors run much warmer than in years past.  That's just the way they are made.  It's actually a good sign because the heat is being transferred away from the windings & onto the shell. IF IT'S REALLY HOT THERE ARE 3 CAUSES: 1. Low voltage, causing high amperage typically caused by a power supply wire being undersized or too long a wire (extension cords are definite NO-NO's); 2. There is a blockage in the motor causing it to bind; 3. The motor bearings are beginning to wear out (may become noisy).

Q. My pump isn't working! It won't pull & the basket isn't filling up.
A. There isn't one simple answer. It could be a variety of things causing this inconvenience. For the complete answer, click here.

If you still need help, here's how to reach us:

Telephone (during store hours): Shelton  203-377-0100



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