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Going away for a few days? Vacation Proof Your Pool

Avoid coming home from a nice vacation & seeing this mess in your otherwise beautiful pool.

Here's how to prevent your pool from turning green and yucky!

For ALL types of pools.  Using ANY sanitizer or system.

You can also Watch the Video. 

  1. Chemically clean your filter with Soft Swim Filter Cleaner (SoftSwim or biguanide pools), Kleen It or Strip Kwik (chlorine or bromine pools).  Also use AquaFinesse Pool Pucks on a regular basis to prevent biofilm build-up.

  2. Adjust the pool's water balance: pH (7.4--7.6), Total Alkalinity (120--150 ppm vinyl pools, 100--120 plaster or gunite finish), Calcium Hardness (175--225 ppm vinyl pools, 225--275 ppm plaster or gunite pools).  Water balance is critical to maintain sanitizer efficiency.

  3. Give the pool a good vacuuming & brushing.

  4. Clean the Solar Blanket with Stow Away or Natural Chemistry Cover Cleaner to remove any building biofilm that will harbor & promote algae growth.

  5. Adjust Sanitizer level to normal range (SoftSwim "B" to 30 - 50 ppm or Chlorine to 1.0 - 2.0 ppm, Bromine to about 4ppm).

  6. Add an initial dosage of Algicide.  Back Up or Algae All 60 (for chlorine or bromine pools) SoftSwim "A" Algicide  (SoftSwim or biguanide pools).

    EXTRA INFORMATION: If you're not using AquaFinesse Pool Water Care Tablets, USE THEM! AquaFinesse continually removes the bio-films that grow on ALL pool surfaces leading to Pink Slime & White Water Mold. AquaFinesse is 100%compatible with ALL pool water care systems.

  7. Double or triple shock your pool. SoftSwim "C" clarifier (for SoftSwim or biguanide pools).  BioGuard Burn Out Extreme (for chlorine, bromine or salt pools).

  8. Optimize the Pool with Optimizer Plus.  This will make the most significant  difference in your overall pool care.  Not only will Optimizer Plus suppress algae growth, but the sanitizer (any type) will be enhanced, plus the pH & Total Alkalinity will get a second buffer for their optimal balance.

  9. Put the Filter system on a timer & set the system to run for at least 12 hours each day, during the day.  Don't rely on friends & neighbors to run the filter when you're gone.

  10. Go Away & have fun!  If you follow these steps, you'll return to a clean, clear, sanitary pool.

Download a FREE brochure to learn about shocking.

These instructions take into consideration that the pool will be unattended for up to 14 days & the pool is already well taken care of.

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