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General Spa & Hot Tub Chemistry & Care Questions

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Q. Why does my spa get a constant build-up of foam?
A. Foam is a normally a good indicator that the water needs to be changed.  A little bit of antifoam will treat "regular" foaming & adjusting the Calcium Hardness will help prevent it.  Thick "beer head" foam means CHANGE THE WATER.

Q. Why does my spa get a constant build-up of "goo" at the waterline?

A. That "goo" or "bathtub ring" is normal.  Adding Natural Spa Enzyme will greatly prevent it. Having users shower first will prevent additional "stuff" from getting in the spa.  If using Soft Soak® or Baqua Spa®, excessive use of Sanitizer will cause a heavy waterline build-up; be sure to maintain your Soft Soak® or Baqua Spa® Sanitizer level at 30 ppm.

Q. Why does my spa smell stale?

A. When was the last time the spa was used?  Your spa needs to breath.  Especially if it's not being used a lot.  The cover traps all of those odors inside until the cover is removed.  Remove the cover & allow the jets to run on high with the bubbler (if equipped) for at least one hour weekly to allow the "stale impurities" to "gas-off".  Also, be sure to chemically clean the filter about every 6 to 8 weeks and change the water every 2 to 4 months.  Click here to learn more about Spa & Hot Tub Odors.

Q. We use a biguanide (Soft Soak® or Baqua Spa®) sanitizing system in our spa & sometimes there is a very pungent odor.  Why?

A. This occurs every once in a while.  The short answer is we don't really know what causes this really pungent odor (neither do the manufacturers).  What we can tell you is that the odor situation is alleviated by:
1. the regular use of Waterline Control;
2. keep the sanitizer level at 30 -40 ppm.; 
be sure to allow the spa to "breath" for at least 30 minutes every week.  
Those steps relieve 90% of the odor problems.  Let us know.

Q. What is this bather load you keep talking about?
A.  Bather load is "how many people are using the spa, how many times per week."  Here are the guidelines that we use:  In a 300 gallon spa -
Light usage - 1 to 3 people using the spa 3 or less times per week.
Heavy usage - 4 or more people using the spa 4 or more times per week.
Make your adjustments as needed.

Q. Why should I limit my time in the spa to only 15 to 20 minutes?
People on average sit in spas or hot tubs for about 20 minutes.  Much longer than that and your body (you) begins to feel feverish.  A study of women ages 18 to 38 published in the Canadian Journal of Medicine found that the core body temperature reaches 102°F after soaking for 40 minutes.  For many people, especially children or folks with circulatory conditions, that can be dangerous.  Limit your soak time to no more than 15 to 20 minutes.

Q. I overdosed my spa with Bromine or Chlorine, what do I do?
A. If you added too much Chlorine or Bromine to your spa, don't worry.  In order to bring the level down quickly, just add a couple of inches of fresh water.  That will dilute the sanitizer level to a more reasonable & comfortable range.  If your skin is sensitive, we would recommend not using the spa until the level comes down to 3.0 ppm Free Chlorine or 6.0 ppm Bromine.

Q. How does Chlorine compare to Bromine, Soft Soak or other spa/hot tub sanitizing systems?
A.  Check out this helpful table

If you still need help, here's how to reach us:

Telephone (during store hours): Stratford  203-377-0100
FAX: (24 hrs) 203-375-7787



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