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How Often do I need to Drain my spa or hot tub?

Draining your spa or hot tub is a very important factor in caring for your spa, the spa's components & more importantly, the people using the spa.

Draining & refilling too often is a waste of your time & the valuable resource of water.  Not draining & refilling often enough will lead to hot water care problems which can lead to excessive bacterial growth which can lead to skin rashes, possible ear infections, "hot tub lung" & other physical health related conditions.

Purging, draining & refilling helps to rid your spa of unwanted mold, bacteria & bio-films.

The formula is pretty simple.  Take the number of gallons in the spa divided by the average daily bather load then divide that number by 3 to get your answer.

First example: a spa or hot tub with 300 gallons of water that is used by 2 people twice each day 5 - 7days (equals bather load of 4) 
300 ÷ 4 = 75 ÷ 3 = 25 days or about once per month.

Second example: a spa or hot tub with 300 gallons of water that is used by 2 people once each day 5 - 7days (equals bather load of 2) 
300 ÷ 2 = 150 ÷ 3 = 50 days or about once every 2 months.

Why so often? Each person using a spa or hot tub "relieves" themselves of about 1 pint (16 oz) of body fluids per 20 minute soak. Now multiply that more than one person - as in a party - and the body fluids add up!

This formula is not concrete, HOWEVER it is a good guideline to follow.  Depending on how much the spa is used directly determines how often it needs to be drained & refilled.  It may seem like a lot but consider this:  if you were soaking in a bathtub every night, how often would you drain & refill the tub?  Every time you used it, right? Right!

Remember that most commercial spas need to drain & refill their spas at least once per week!  Or they should!

A good tell tale sign that a spa's water needs to be changed is the water is very foamy and the antifoam your adding has minimal effect and/or the water doesn't smell clean.  When in doubt, drain it out.  It may seem like a pain, but your health & safety is our first concern.

Follow these 3 steps for a proper Purge, Drain & Refill.

Compare Various Spa Care Systems
compare Chlorine, Bromine, Soft Soak (Baqua Spa), Ionizers, Ozonators

For further information & treatment regarding Chloramines, visit our Spa Care Knowledge Base

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