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UV - Ultra Violet Light Technology for your pool
Ultra Violet = Ultra Clean
UV is a revolutionary product that combines ultraviolet (UV) light technology with your existing sanitizing routine to take swimming pool sanitation to the next level.
Certain states around the country are mandating the use of UV technology in conjunction with chlorine or bromine systems in commercial pools & spas.

UV-C is being used in many industrial & personal applications.  Fruits & vegetables are "cleansed" in UV light.  There are even personal hand-held lights that you can store in your purse or pocket for quick hand cleansing.  How about the personal tooth brush UV cleansers? 

UV-C must be artificially re-created since it is filtered out by the earth's atmosphere (UV-A, which can cause wrinkles, & UV-B, which provides vitamin D, are both able to penetrate the atmosphere).

UV Benefits:

BioLab UV ultra violet, LC 20
Typical unit for NON salt/chlorine pools
BioLab UV, LC10, ultra violet technology for swimming pools
Typical unit for salt/chlorine pools

UV assists your primary sanitizer (chlorine, bromine, saline) by providing an additional layer of protection against viruses, bacteria, cysts and protozoa (such as chlorine resistant cryptosporidium & giardia) that are introduced into the pool by swimmers as well as the environment.

When used with a recommended pool treatment program (such as BioGuard 3 Step, Once a Week 3 Step, Mineral Springs, Pristine Blue, etc), the BioLab UV technology improves bather safety from chlorine resistant organisms.

With UV, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're doing everything you can to protect your family.


  • New way to treat pool contaminants
  • Does not allow algae to grow & multiply
  • Excellent sanitation against bacteria, viruses, cysts & protozoa*
  • Non-irritant to skin, hair & mucus membranes (nose & eyes)
  • Helps reduce the formation of chloramines (combined chlorine & nitrogen & other swimmer waste) which cause "chlorine smell", eye irritation & skin discomfort
  • Does not affect your pool's water balance
  • Fast acting
  • Allows chlorine to attack bacteria & wastes introduced by swimmers & the surrounding environment
  • UV-C works by disrupting the cells DNA & RNA

UV-C (ultra violet C) light disrupts a cell's DNA & RNA, rendering it harmless & unable to reproduce

What's in it for you?

  • Peace of mind knowing that harmful bacteria is being neutralized
  • An extra layer of "sanitation" for your pool
  • Water that just feels good!
  • Less odor
  • Less skin & eye irritation
  • Potential cost savings in chemicals

UV (any UV system) WILL NOT:

  • Remove micro-organisms
  • Kill micro-organisms or bacteria - it will inactivate them (messes up the DNA & RNA rendering them unable to replicate)
  • Protect against recontamination - infected bathers & swimmers entering the pool will re-contaminate the pool water
  • Perform well in cloudy or turbid water conditions (cloudy water will prevent absorption of UV light)
  • Reduce levels of heavy metals (iron, copper & manganese; iron will actually interfere with the transmission of the UV light)
  • Will not work well in situations of high metal or calcium hardness levels
  • Will not work as a "stand alone" system; BioLab UV (or any other UV system) must be used with an EPA registered sanitizer such as BioGuard Smart Sticks, Silk Tabs or Sticks, Super Soluble or Mineral Springs

Special note: it is IMPERATIVE to maintain a clean quartz tube. This tube protects the UV bulb. When the tubing clouds or becomes occluded, the effectiveness of the UV drops dramatically. UV effectiveness loss is about 5% per week, compounded. Use AquaFinesse Pool Water Care Pucks to remove & prevent the scaling on the quartz tube.

* must be used along with an EPA registered sanitizer (chlorine & saline systems)


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