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Par Pool & Spa has what you need to make your Spa or Hot tub more enjoyable & easier to care for...

SpaGuard Spa & Hot tub chemicals, Soft soak, Nature2, Spa FrogSpaGuard Spa & Hot tub Care Chemicals

Click here for more Information & to Purchase Soft Soak ProductsSoft Soak, non chlorine, non bromine spa water care. 
Spa Frog spa & hot tub mineral purifierSpa Frog®, the Natural Mineral Purifier for Spas & Hot Tubs
Click here for more Information & to Purchase Nature2 Spa System ProductsNature2®, the natural water purifying alternative for Spas & Hot Tubs.
Pristine Blue Algicide / Bacteria SuppressantPristineBlue® non-chlorine, non-bromine pool care
Aqua Finesse - AquaFinesse Spa Water TreatmentAquaFinesse®, one step solution for Spa & hot tub water care
Rendezvous Spa Chemicals SpaBoss Spa & Hot tub Chemicals quality spa & hot tub chemicals at discount prices Natural Chemistry
the natural enzymes in Spar Perfect & Spa Purge help make spa & hot tub maintenance even easier
SpaGuard Moments Spa & Bath Fragrances - aromatherapy, Rejuvenate, Immerse, Retreat, Revive, Passion, Tranquility. Click here for more details about Moments!Moments Spa & Bath Aromatherapy
New Moments invigorates & relaxes your total being
Unicel, Pleatco & Filbur Replacement CartridgesReplacement Filter Cartridges
Unicel and Pleatco replacement filter cartridges
SpaZazz Aromatherapy Crystals & Elixirs for spa, hot tub & bath, SpaZazz Kidz, spazazz kids SpaZazz Spa & Bath Crystals
6 exciting varieties to take your soaking experience to the next level
Spa & Hot tub Chemical & Care Basics
get started with the right information
BioGuard - SpaGuard Symmetry Acidic Starter KitSpa & Hot tub Chemical Starter Kits get your spa or hot tub off to a great start!

Spa & Hot Tub Help

SpaScenes under spa cover muralsSpa & Hot Tub Accessories
everything you need for your spa or tub

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Swim Spa chemical careSwim Spa Care - it's not a pool or spa, so how do you take care of it?




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